Traveling Cheap And Seeing The World

Traveling, in any language, always connotes money and expenses – loads of it. Even foregoing visions of traveling first-class with first-class amenities and all that, the fact that one does go out of one’s place to go to another (desired) place still means fare money, board and lodging, and those other countless expenses you did not know at all.

On the other side of the equation, you may have noticed that some people manage to travel for months (or, even years) without showing any signs of wear and tear. Nor were there any police squads barging into their houses in the middle of the night and hauling them away for some crimes involving money.

The simple reason is that they are not necessarily rich. They just know how to make their travel money last longer, and afford to travel to more places at more times.

There are many ways to see the world at a bargain price, so to speak. The following are some tips and guides picked up from all over.

Knowing where to go

Knowing where to go is different from knowing where you want to go. All the places in the world have their charms that you haven’t seen on TV or in magazines. We are concerned about travel budget here and ways on how to stretch it.

Many countries in Asia, parts of Africa and South America are much cheaper to go to than North America, Europe or Australia. Your travel money for one week in Europe can last a month in India, Nepal and many Southeast Asian countries.

Flying months

Initial air fares make the biggest cuts into your travel budget. Knowing the holiday seasons around the world and being flexible with your own travel dates and times is a perfect combination to score some big savings.

Take note that half of the world’s population wants to fly in December for the Christmas holidays. In Europe, the most expensive months to fly around are in July and August which are the European summer holiday months.

Transport costs

Costs of air fares for the same destination can be drastically different according to the actual time you fly. Flying mid-week instead of around the weekend or at “unholy hours” like very early in the morning can reduce air fares.

Booking your flight online and well in advance is much cheaper. Round trip (back and forth) tickets are also cheaper than standard fares.

Unless you do not know the place (and traveling light), trains and buses are good buys for cheap city fares. (Sometimes, they can even be cheaper at night in some places.)


These days, youth hostels can be an affordable option around the world. (These are at places that don’t have a backpacker scene or cheap traveller’s guesthouses.)

Sometimes, discounts can be negotiated in many guest houses (sometimes called “pension houses” in other places) and hotels if you are staying longer. It is cheaper than moving to new places every few days or so.


There are other options in reducing some of the costs of travel. Keeping one’s eyes open to new possibilities (aside from those listed here) can go a long way in helping costs down and make your stay enjoyable and cheap.

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Snowmobiling at the North Pole

For one of the most extreme snowmobiling vacations, adventurous riders will want to plan their next excursion at the North Pole. The frigid weather and added treacherous landscape provides snowmobilers with a thrilling experience that they will talk about for years. Vacationers will want to take several precautions to ensure their safety during this type of extreme adventure. Several tour companies specialize in taking adventurous snowmobilers into the North Pole wilderness for extended stays that will undoubtedly test the strength of those who choose to make this their next vacation destination.

The Yellow Airplane Company specializes in taking thrill-seekers to the geographic North Pole for a day long excursion. The North Pole Express is one of the most popular packages chosen among snowmobile enthusiasts. Every April, a group is transported by a helicopter to the destination point where they will enjoy the spectacular sights of the North Pole region. They will also enjoy a ride in a customized Russian Aircraft before embarking on their snowmobile journey.

The company offers other tour packages available for their specialized North Pole adventures. The North Pole Comfort Tour is a three-day tour of the region where explorers can learn about the geology and breathtaking landscape of the area. Snowmobilers will turn to sight-seers because they have a possibility of witnessing the famous Aurora Borealis.

Another company – Windows on the Wild – specializes in taking groups of adventurous snowmobilers to the North Pole region for overnight stays in the hotel Vinterpalaset. Tours that include a one night stay with a morning breakfast are offered to vacationers and adventurers. The tour packages also include warm clothing and safety gear for the daytime snowmobiling adventure along with a basic lesson for inexperienced riders. Guides take the riders along a safe, well-traveled trail until lunchtime where food is prepared at a cabin at midday. The trip continues through the forested region and atop the frozen water areas. The journey second day’s journey ends at a different lodging location. The final day returns the snowmobilers to the Vinterpalaset hotel where they will enjoy a relaxing dinner and a performance in the adjoining theater to celebrate their awesome adventure.

With only a few resorts or other accommodations, the North Pole adventures are typically explored either on a single day basis or by camping overnight in the tundra. When camping in the North Pole, visitors should definitely bring an abundance of preparations in order to survive the frigid nights in the region. Specialized clothing that can withstand below-zero weather for extended periods of time is important when camping at the North Pole. A portable gas stove will help cook the food along with keeping you warm during the downtime. Also, it is helpful to use the layering method of clothing. While in the frigid weather, too much clothing can lead to sweating and, as a result, a greater chance of dehydration. The body also loses heat at a much faster rate when it is damp, so it is important to have a comfortable amount of clothing so you are kept warm without sweating too much.
Snowmobilers have several options that they can take advantage of in the thrilling North Pole region. This is often a place that is reserved for the winter lovers who enjoy only the most extreme and thrilling opportunities that are available. The wide-open landscape and pristine beauty of the region is ideal for those who want a different yet exciting adventure to talk about for many years. Snowmobilers who have conquered the North Pole by braving the elements on nothing but a snowmobile also enjoy the bragging rights that go along with this thrilling adventure.

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Seattle Freebies offer Cultural Significance

Seattle Washington is a great place to visit for many reasons. Whether you are a nature lover or more into the things that define a civilization such as shopping malls, museums, and one Starbucks, Seattle has a little bit of everything to offer its visitors. In fact, visitors could quite easily find that they have done and spent all that they should have rather early in their travel time if they aren’t careful.

Below you will find a few great things to do on your trip that won’t require robbing the children’s college fund in order to pay for. I’m all for paying good money for good fun, but if I can find good fun for free, that means there’s more money left for things that would have otherwise been off limits because of prohibitive costs. So go ahead and plan the dinner train, you can make up the cost by eating breakfast from a box two mornings in a row or spending an afternoon in one of Seattle’s many great parks.

If you’d rather find indoor activities that are free, here are a few suggestions:

1) Frye Art Museum. Not only is the art top of the line, but the architecture is glorious as well. Through January of 2007, the Frye Art Museum is host to a very unique sound sculpture called Trimpin: Klompen this exhibit is comprised of 120 wooden Dutch shoes that literally dance before your very eyes. This exhibit is only one of many great exhibits that are sure to delight everyone in your group. This museum focuses on contemporary art from the 19th century to the present.
2) Museum and Arts Center. This particular museum is located about 50 miles outside of Seattle but might be worth the drive, especially if you enjoy taking in the scenery of the area. The fact that the museum is free is sometimes enough to make it worth the drive. Among the many exhibits that you or your children may find interesting is an exhibit of mammoth and mastodon in addition to a video on the mastodon excavation. In addition to this exhibit there are other exhibits that feature local artists and pioneer and historical displays.
3) Bellevue Arts Museum. This museum is only free on the first Friday night of every month. In addition to free admission and great art, there are live music and lectures from 5:30-9:00 pm. I feel this bears mentioning here because there are times to visit when this is free and I feel that this is a culturally significant activity that the entire family can enjoy.
4) Seattle Asian Art Museum. This museum is free on the first Thursday and the first Saturday of each month. Currently there is an exhibit of exquisite Buddhist art that represent the influences of Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, and Japanese artistic interpretations.
5) Wing Luke Asian Museum. This museum also offers free admission on the first Thursday of every month. Here you will find art and exhibits that are devoted to the Asian Pacific American culture. There is also a multimedia station that allows visitors to hear interviews with Japanese American citizens who were forced into internment camps during WWII. I think this is a museum that should be on everyone’s to do list whether you can make it on one of the free days or not. There is a lot to be learned here and I hope that you will be up for the lessons.

While these museums are for the most part smaller museums, they still represent a significant contribution not only of art, but history to the world of art and artists. Even if the cultural offerings of the many museums aren’t that appealing to you on a personal level, the benefits to your children might be surprising-especially when you consider the fact that you didn’t have to pay a dime for admission.

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Useful Bali Travel Tips

Traveling to Bali is probably a dream for most people in the world. But, as Bali is a kind of a unique island with a character kind of culture, there are some points that travelers need to be aware of when traveling to Bali.
Below are some important points of ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’ you might need to read as a travel guide to make the most stay of your stay in Bali.
The ‘DO’ things…….
– Bring always your High Waterproof Sun Block or Sun cream (especially if you would like to spend time in the water)
– Take the bottle mineral water with you wherever you go.
– Drinks lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits. Bali has lots kind of local fruits you must try. They are delicious!!
– Bring your personal medicine (if any) for especially stomachache or headache
– Always change money in reputable money changers in a reputable location. Follow your hotel guide or travel guide advise for the reputable place
– Be careful for your belongings – especially when you are waking along the road. Put your valuable things in the safety boxes in your villa or in your hotel.
– Try not to step on people offerings along the street. Instead, you may just walk around them
– Respect some slow traditional or ceremonial procession when you are stuck behind one. Instead, you may just get out from your car and take some lovely pictures of it.
– Bring your insect repellant (if any)
– Try to avoid of wearing your bikini when there are some ceremonial in the beach. This will be kind of respect for the Balinese people for their holy time.
– Always to swim between the red and yellow flags in the ocean
– Wear a long cloth (kain) to cover your hip to leg for women and wear a selendang over the waist for men, when you enter a holy places or temple. Always speak to your guide about it.
– Wear the recommended helmet when you ride a motorbike, if not the police will stop you.
The ‘DONT’ things…….
– Don’t do drugs. Many foreigners have been residing in police prison service for the case.
– Don’t forget to bring all your papers like passport, VISA, or any personal ID, International driving license (if any)
– Don’t forget to bring the copy of your passport or any ID with you all the times
– Don’t swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach
– Don’t enter the temple or any holy places during menstruation. Always mention it to your guide
– Don’t ride a motorbike or drive a car without an international diving license
– Don’t touch people’s head. It is offensive to all of Hindu people
– Don’t drink from the tap water
– Don’t worry too much about the ice – especially in the restaurants, hotel or bars.
– Don’t forget to reconfirm your flight departure at least 72 hours before departing
Have a GREAT Holiday then ….. !!

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